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Monday, April 16, 2007

rainy day thoughts...

Rainy weather often sends me into a lot introspection. I have no idea if it's the imposed exile inside or something about the grey weather, but I often find elements of melancholy creeping into my day when it's rainy for more than a day or two.

So, they've not cancelled the Boston Marathon, something I used to love to go watch when I lived in Boston. A teacher friend from down here is running the marathon today. We spent a long time on Friday afternoon talking about it before she left for the airport. Something she said really struck me -- so much so that I actually got very choked up when she shared it with me.

Every mile, she chooses someone she loves (family or friend) and thinks about them throughout the mile: their strengths, their challenges, the hardships they've faced or are facing and what they've overcome. It gets her through the mile with energy, love, and hope. At the next mile, she chooses someone else, and this carries her through the race.

Something about the idea of choosing someone and giving them such clear, devoted time really resonated with me and I thought a lot about it this weekend. I do something like this a lot with my students (when writing to them or to their families), but have never really done so with the other people I love.

A teacher at my school that has been battling her own health just lost her husband last week. Suddenly. The funeral is today and the feeling in the building sort of mirrors my melancholy mood. It's odd how so much tragedy has colored this year so far at my school.

And yet... I'm inspired by what I see going on daily. There is so much energy, so much desire to live in this world in spite of what makes it so hard. Kids are learning and doing amazing things; teachers are sharing new things with each other, and our principal is a tireless cheerleader for doing this work in a meaningful way.

I'm not convinced that this post actually makes sense or has any coherence to it, but as I'm feeling quite 'thinky' today, the update box called to me, and now you all bear the brunt of it. ♥

I wish you well today. *much love*

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