I have unshakable faith in children. They always show me the way. ♥

Friday, January 25, 2008

Children do pay attention...

I often find that January is a strange time for teaching and learning. It's a bit lethargic, a lot cold, and full of a lot of sameness. During this time, I always have to find ways to reinvigorate myself, and in turn, the children. If I do, it's a very cyclical process, and one that benefits me just as much as it does the children.


A few minutes ago, I was cleaning out some files and rediscovered this letter that one of my students wrote to me in early November.

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TEXT: Dear Ms. [me] you are
a great great teacher
and you get
great things for
us to learn. I like
when you get new stuff
and I like
that. And you are
too nice
and you think
about more stuff

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TEXT: and you get new books
for us to read and
some times we don't
do our fun stations
and we do fun math.
and when it is raining
we play games inside
and sometimes we do
and we do fun songs
and read Weekly Reader
and read books with you
and guests come in our cool room
and we do calendar math
and you let us jump in the leaves
and roll down the hill
thank you Ms. [me]
love, [her]

Sometimes I think we, as adults, forget about the incredibly intense and deep observation skills of children. If I ever doubt it again, I just need to look at this letter again to be reminded.

They get it. They know.

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