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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

excellent mail...

It feels vaguely apropos that I finally start writing in this blog again on September first. In the magical world, children have ridden the Hogwarts Express to school and are starting their year. In the Muggle world, many schools have started already, and in my case, teachers are back and the children come next week.

I'm so excited about the upcoming year, full of new ideas and busily updating old ones. I plan to post some pictures of my classroom set up progress -- I try to take pictures every year because it gives me such a sense of accomplishment to watch the room go from an empty space to a ready classroom.

For now, though, I'm just going to share the single most wonderful piece of mail I received this summer. One of my students moved this summer, and her mother emailed to ask if she could send a card she'd made to my home address.

This is the beautiful card I received:

My favorite part? The PS. Best. Post script. Ever. ♥

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Mason said...

Hey--I haven't written all summer either, but I'll be getting back to it now that school's starting!

P.S. Whether or not to get bangs is a big deal in 5th grade too!