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Monday, December 7, 2009

hermit crabs!

We have hermit crabs! So much excitement! I brought them in on Friday and set up the tank.

Things they notice: "The shells are different." and "They have legs and claws and like to hide in their shell."

Things they want to know: "Can we please name them, Miz F?" and "Will they have babies?"

Things they want to do: watch them all day long and skip everything else.

My compromise: add a station to Reading time where they can observe and write questions.

So, I stayed after work today to rearrange a bit on one counter and make a more kid-friendly observational space. Here it is:

The empty tank on the far right is a gift from my work boyfriend, Angela. It will eventually hold fish, but probably not until January. I'm not sure the excitement level could take another notch right now.

Which is kind of awesome, if you ask me.

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ladybug15057 said...

Please use the tank for the hermit crabs you now have instead of for the fish. Hermit crabs do have criteria and the plastic critter carrier cannot provide for what they need. Please do visit Crab Street Journal and type in "Essentials" in the search bar. A humidity gauge, thermometer, and warming device is needed for the hermit crabs. A lid on the tank to help humidity in the tank that they need to breath through their modified gills too.