I have unshakable faith in children. They always show me the way. ♥

Monday, January 11, 2010

running like Phoebe...

How many of you used to watch Friends? Admittedly, I was a huge fan. My brother had videotaped the first and second seasons from the television and given them to me for my birthday one year. Friends was such a happy place for me for a long time. I still find moments in my life will remind me of something from a Friends episode, and I often continue to share quotes with my brother.

I was reminded of it again this morning, by the first graders. Did you ever see the episode where Phoebe wanted to go running in Central Park with Rachel? Where Phoebe ran all out, arms flailing and screeching when necessary? Here's a little clip as an example:

When my students get to the gym, our (amazing) P.E. teacher always has a poster up, greeting the children and telling them what to do for their warm up. Often they are directed to jog around the gym as they were this morning.

Well, Phoebe had it right on, let me tell you. That is exactly how my students run: all out, arms flailing, screeching and laughing, stopping and panting to catch their breath, and then starting all over again.

It's awesome. I think I may go join them the next day we have P.E.


Nathalie said...

Pheebs was smart *nods*

And now I want jump on the next plane and come have P.E. with all of you. We can run like Phoebe together ;-)

Katie said...

I am rolling (or I guess ROFL) while at my desk right now. So, good thing none of my coworkers are in here at the moment. ;) That episode was the best!

We tend to recite lines from the show, too. Just yesterday, we were yelling "Pivot, pivot," when moving the furniture around!!!

kirsten said...

Nathalie, yes, yes please come and we can run around with the kids and act just like Phoebe! ♥

Katie, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was calling out "pivot" recently when I was trying to move it. Alas, but the person I was moving it with did not get it...

Pherooz said...

Wasn't there an incident, in Europe perhaps, when you did the Phoebe run? Regardless, it's awesome ans is Friends. And your kidlets would get such a kick out of you joining them.