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Monday, February 1, 2010

a broken arm...

Last week I broke my arm.

I broke my arm in a tap dancing class I take once a week. It was a rather spectacular fall (imagine, if you will, the craziest fall you've ever witnessed. Multiply it by four and then add a sprinkle of Chevy Chase. Now you're getting the picture.) and, naturally, I broke my dominant arm (I'm a lefty).

Apparently I just like to keep things interesting.

This has been interesting, eye opening, and rather annoying in some respects. One great thing about being a lefty is that I'm also pretty adept at using my right hand with a lot of things. You can't grow up in a right handed world and not absorb some of it. I can write passably well with my right hand. And by passably I mean that my writing looks like a very shaky first grader's writing.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

It's weird how writing, for me, has gone from something that I did all the time before to a very cognitive process now. I have to think when I write with my right hand; I have to concentrate on forming the letters and keeping the sizes relative. I even have to think about capital letters.

As much of a pain as this is, it has really given me a new found empathy for what some of my students are dealing with when they write.

And isn't it just like a teacher to turn a broken arm into a learning experience?


Jenny said...

Just like a teacher!

First, I'm so sorry you broke your arm. What a pain (in many different ways). I hope it heals quickly.

Second, way to think positively. It's so hard for us to put ourselves in the shoes of first graders. Any time we get a clear vision of things from their perspective it's wonderful.

Katie said...

Ok, I almost choked on lunch reading the first part. Mostly because I had a very graceful way of breaking my foot a few summers ago, too. I basically exploded out of a front door onto the street in Boston! I was pulling the suitcase out the door, it wouldn't go over the door's threshold, so I put one leg out the door (and down 2 steps), 1 leg in and PULLLLLLed until I exploded out the door like a cannonball and rolled into the sidewalk with the suitcase on top of me. Funniest part was when the guy driving by stopped his car and was giggling as he asked if I needed help!!

But anyway, I am so so sorry to hear about this and hope it heals before too long. Just saw your FB photos and I hurt for you! Luckily, you are oh-so-talented and can probably do a lot more with your right hand that I can! ;)

kirsten said...

Jenny & Katie, thank you both for your well wishes!

Katie, that sounds just hysterical -- isn't good that we at least have good stories to go along with the pain??