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Monday, March 16, 2009

my work boyfriend...

Okay, so I have this teacher friend, not!Angela Lansbury. We'll just call her Angela.

We have a lot in common, and get along really well. I generally try to avoid going to chat with her in her classroom unless I have five hundred and sixteen minutes, because once we start talking, time seems to sink into this school-portal time warp that makes time go by extra-wicked quickly to the point where one of us says, "holy crap, is it really forty-seven o'clock??" and the other one says, "I didn't think the clock could GO that high..."

A big part of it is that Angela just "gets" me professionally. We have similar views on children, on teaching, and talking to her always helps give me greater perspective. We also do some extra curricular activities together: running a Dance club for some of the older kids, taking dance classes together, and going for lunch & giggles on teacher work days.

She's my work boyfriend.

I say this because one evening, a week or so ago, when the clock was doing it's school-portal time warp trick, Angela and I were sitting in her classroom, solving the problems of the educational world when the Speech & Language clinician poked her head in,

"Angela!" she called, "where's your other half?" (meaning the other teacher that works in Angela's room)

My immediate (internal) reaction was, "I'm right here!" with a strange sense of near indignation. Could she not SEE me? Sitting RIGHT NEXT to Angela??

Clearly having a close teaching buddy has some interesting implications.

I wonder if this counts as cheating on my husband...


Belén said...

I know how you feel, I miss my uni "boyfriend" (she's living in another city and we try to see each other when we can).

Also, I've friended you here with my uni blog. :)

kirsten said...

Belén!! ♥ I'm glad to see you here!

Another teacher even joked with us this summer (during summer school) when all three of us went to lunch together: "Are you sure I can come along on your date?"

Katie said...

I've missed you so much, but not until I started reading your blog again-- and am all the way back to the March post because it's so stinkin' good-- did I realize just how MUCH I miss you! You really are the best person and teacher and I only wish my Libby and Drew could have you teach them some day. ;) Your class sounds absolutely amazing and I know the kids are only that way because of you!!!! Okay, so they may have some natural cuteness of their own, but still...

Katie said...

Oh, and just so you know... it's 11:45 PM on New Year's Eve and instead of watching Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest or whomever, I'm here reading your blog. THAT is how GOOD this blog is (or is it really how LAME I am??! ;)