I have unshakable faith in children. They always show me the way. ♥

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the little things...

I had a conference with the mother of one of my amazing students today.

She told me that he said this last week: "My teacher is young. And she is So Beautiful."

So, I'm thinking... should that give him an automatically pass? Or maybe I should just keep him in first grade for the next few years to make me feel good... ;-)

In other news, I know I've been very quiet on the blog front. It's been a really rough start to the schoolyear, and I'm slowly working on writing it up here to both describe and reflect on it. Hopefully it won't take another month to make that happen.

*much love to you all*


Ms. Swamp said...

Sorry to hear it's been a rough start. I hope it gets better!

Anonymous said...

You rock, Ms. Howard! And yes, you are young AND beautiful.
Hang tough.