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Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm sitting in the classroom right now, sipping a cup of tea on a (very) rainy morning. Right away, I was reminded of last Friday morning. We had tea during writing time in the classroom. I'm surprised it's taken me so long.

Before writing, my class got talking about something (I wish I could remember) and I looked at them all and in a joking manner said, "But, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a coffee shop." A few of them giggled.

"Yes, it is," one of them said.

"It is not," I said, shaking my head. "Look around you. Do you see tables and things?" [NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: bad idea...]

They looked around and started laughing. "Yes, right there!" they said, pointing to the tables in our classroom.

I laughed. "Okay, well, yes, there are tables and chairs and people, but there's no big coffee machine nor anyone here to take orders..."

Alejandro then pointed to the fifteen year old, 4-cup coffee maker that I have on the shelf behind my desk and said, "Isn't that a coffee maker?"

Okay. I know when I've been bested.

So, we started our Writing Workshop and I thought, "Why not have a little cafe for the day?" I heated up the water in my coffee maker, threw in about four bags of Cardamom Cinnamon tea (herbal, no caffeine), sprinkled in about 1/3 of a pack of sugar, then took orders. After it cooled, I delivered small cups of sweet-smelling tea to all of the students that wanted some (all but one). Some of them loved it, some of them found that it was not to their liking, but we all sat and inhaled and drank and wrote for the rest of Writing Workshop.

One teacher even walked in during that time to borrow a couple of my students and commented on how lovely it smelled in our room.

The kids were tickled by the whole thing.

Sounds like we ought to do something like this a bit more often. Maybe you'd like to join us?


Belén said...

I'd like to have a cup!

I'm sure it was a wonderful experience for your kids. Did they feel like grown ups?

k. lee... said...

To Belén~

Yes! Yes, come anytime! We would love to have you. They really did feel older, I think.