I have unshakable faith in children. They always show me the way. ♥

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

thinking in poetry...

Children often think in poetry. It's amazing the way some of the conventions of language, or our stubborn adult grammar, get in the way of adults regularly thinking or communicating in such poetic ways. Children aren't bound by these rules yet, and it's so evident sometimes.

Yesterday, Milena caught my attention, because I hadn't yet put my name up on our feeling board.

Milena: Ms. Lee, how are you feeing today?
me: Hmm... two feelings, tired and happy. I don't know how to pick.
Ghaazi: You can only have one.
me: One feeling?
Ghaazi: No, you can have lots of feelings, but you can only put one on the feeling board.
me: It's a hard choice sometimes, when I'm feeling two things, which one I want to put my name on on the feeling board.
Milena: Yeah, sometimes that happens to me.
me: How do I choose?
Milena: What if you put one up on the board and... keep one in your heart?
me: *dies of the beauty* *beams at her*
Milena: *grins back*
me: That makes a lot of sense! I think I'll put my name up on "tired" and keep the "happy" in my heart.
Milena: That way your heart will be happy.
me: Yes. And it'll be all your fault... ♥

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