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Friday, August 15, 2008

last days...

Last day of summer school. Alas.

Well, it's both good and bad. I need to take a few days off before I start setting up the classroom and before teachers report for beginning of the year planning. Otherwise, I'll start the year feeling like I've already run a 10K and now it's time for a marathon.

But still... I just looked at my (tentative) class list, and out of the eight rising first graders in my Summer School class, five of them are going to be in my class this year! I'm so jazzed about this!!!

Of course, there's also this part of me that is realizing the possibility that it's my last day, then, with the other three rising first graders, and I don't want that. :) So, I'm torn between making the absolute most of my time with them today and running to my administration (whom I think the world of) to beg for the other three children to be put in my class as well.


Maybe I'll do both...

Have a good one, my friends. ♥

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