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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the room threw up...

Yesterday was one of those days. Apart from meetings and some other have to's, I had about three hours in the classroom. It has entered the stage that I call: the room threw up.

This happens when I unpack lots of boxes and find home for things and end up with many, many piles all over the place. I had a friend that used to be able to stay with one area completely until it was finished. I, however, do not have this sort of temperament. I pick something up that belongs somewhere else and think I ought to put it away. On the way to put it there, I see something else that needs to be done, so then I start working there... and so on.

Hence, the room threw up.

So, here are the embarrassing pictures. My messes. *shudder* I'd like for them to be gone soon, please.

[click on a picture to make it larger]

Looking left as you walk in...

The back part of the room to the left of our meeting area...

My desk, behind the big book station. At least I've got the coffee pot set up and the counter behind my desk cleaned and ready. *breathes*

Have a lovely day, all! ♥ I'll post some more pictures tonight.


Ms. Swamp said...

My room threw up worse than yours did... I'll put pictures on my blog soon. :)

Lauren said...

My room looked like that up until the weekend before school started. I finally started packing up and storing the projects that weren't getting finished. It all came together at the end, thankfully.

kirsten said...

Ms. Swamp~ I think you should put pictures of your progress every day. *nods*

Lauren~ Yeah, that sounds a whole lot like what I'll probably end up doing. Today is motor through as much as I can, then start packing up things that just aren't going to get done for another day. Also, welcome. :) I don't think we've met before.