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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my six year old artists...

Our principal has been on maternity leave since August, so our Assistant Principal has been the Acting Principal and we had a retired principal as our Acting Assistant Principal (so many titles!). Well, our principal will be coming back from maternity leave after Thanksgiving so we're preparing to say goodbye to the man that has been our AP for the past many months. The kids are really going to miss him.

In our class, we like to make cards. We make them for every child on their birthday (think of how amazing it is to turn seven and go home with an envelope full of brightly colored cards created by and written by every person in your class!) and for other people on other occasions, as well.

For our AP, we decided to make the cards a two day project. Yesterday we pulled out the watercolors to paint the front of the cards and today we will write special messages to him.

As I was laying out the cards to dry yesterday, I was struck by the sheer beauty of them. They're so varied in design, in what the children chose to create. Really, any of them could be framed and hung up on its own. So, I assembled them and took a photograph to share here.

Beautiful, aren't they?


mil said...


Ms. Swamp said...

Your blog is looking awesome! Are these templates from blogger, or are you doing it with your own smart brain?


Jenn said...

Oh, beautiful!! I really love the second row from the bottom, far left. That looks like something I'd hang above my desk.


kirsten said...

mil - ♥!!

Swampy - thank you! Yeah, I'm using one of the templates from Blogger. I don't remember which one -- do you want me to look it up? Also, one day I'll use my own smart brain, but I'm not there yet.

Jenn - aren't they gorgeous? I'd totally frame some of them, too.