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Saturday, November 8, 2008


The eagerness, curiosity, imagination, drive and enthusiasm of the six year old is perhaps never again matched in quantity or intensity during the life span.

~Chip Wood, Yardsticks

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this book, but I highly recommend it. I've owned it for probably ten years; my copy is tattered and falling apart and I really ought to invest in a new copy one day. Every time I pick it up I find something new.

This book details every age level from 4 - 14, and looks at the typical behavior/development in four areas: Physical, Language, Social, and Cognitive. It also looks at curriculum connections and discusses some things you probably *shouldn't* do with that particular age level. It's only about 8 pages per age level, but full of insight. Truly.

I love to share it with families throughout the year to let them see what an interesting age their children are at.

The quote I led off with above? Oh yes. Six year olds are incredible in the way they are pulling everything in and trying to make sense of everything around them. Every age level has its own unique and amazing characteristics, and I love that different people find such pleasure in different age levels. Imagine if every teacher liked only nine year olds? Where would the other age levels be?

I was thinking about some of my students this week and how uniquely six they are and it reminded me of this book. I'll try to recommend some of my other favorites over the next months.

Have a lovely night. ♥


Jenny said...

I've thought for a long time that I need to read this book. You've convinced me to finally get on it. I'll get it from the library on Monday until I can get my own copy.

kirsten said...

It is really a fantastic book; I'm glad to have convinced you to check it out! :)

They're ALL Our Kids said...

I also love this book. I've given copies to several relatives and friends who are raising or teaching children. Did you know there's a third edition out? It has a new foreword and intro, plus new sections on African American and Latino/Hispanic children and families.

And if you like the book, you'll be glad to know Chip Wood has a blog! He really welcomes comments, and he takes specific questions from teachers and parents. Just google "Yardsticks blog." Right now, Chip and readers are talking about favorite books for kids. Check it out!