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Sunday, November 16, 2008

what do you think?

This may be a strange way of making this count for NaBloPoMo, but I'm going to do so anyway.

I write to communicate, to straighten my thoughts, to reflect, to come to a conclusion, to share, to do so many things. I do a lot of personal writing, a lot of public writing. I was even telling a friend this weekend that if I have a strong reaction to something, I will often write, write, write, and then email it to myself. Most of that writing never makes it anywhere-- it is ultimately personal -- but serves a specific purpose for me.

Now, while I write for myself, when I post something here, it is with the knowledge that someone might read it and a conversation or a small interaction might result. A lot of blogging, for me, is the interaction. Sometimes the interaction is related to a specific thought or idea, but many times it is meeting another teacher/writer/reflector and building a new connection.

And so, I ask...

What would you like to see me blog about?

I can't promise to write about everything, but now that I've said that blogging is about interaction, how about I put my money where my mouth is?

Have a great night. ♥


Jenn said...

Hi! You had to know I'd be all over this.

I would like to read about the moment when you knew, definitively, that you wanted to be a teacher. Or, if it was a collection of little moments, I would like to hear one that stands out for you.

I would like to read about your favorite and least favorite part about setting up your classroom.

I would like to know if you keep up with any of your old students, and if so, can you see the impact you made in their lives?

I would like to know if you eat cafeteria food for lunch.

I would like to see any classroom pics you deem appropriate.

I would like to know about your favorite thing to teach.

I would like to hear more light bulb moment stories of your kids, moments when they just got it.


(Happy Sunday, by the way.)

kate said...

I'm reading, but as a not-yet-teacher I don't tend to comment much. But, I am curious about how you handle discipline issues in the classroom: what are some typical infractions, and what is done about them? Is there a school-wide policy (or grade-wise, or some other form of coordination) or does each teacher use his/her own system? How did you find a system that works for you?

I realize this is a fairly pedestrian topic, and not all that compelling, but it is something I am very curious about. Other than that, I enjoy whatever you choose to write about! Maybe I will come up with some more interesting questions later.