I have unshakable faith in children. They always show me the way. ♥

Thursday, November 6, 2008

organization struggles

In my quest for organization, we reorganized the tools in the writing area. It's always amazing to me the vast differences between each class of children. Some classes have a natural sort of ability to keep areas of the classroom clean and organized and some classes need specific, detailed, clear instructions. Sometimes it's only one or two children that need the support.

Well, this year's class needs as much routine and structure as I can possibly give them, so...

Our Writing Tools!

Some notes: the pencil sharpener is only open in the morning and at the end of the day, otherwise the noise is completely distracting. We also have two class jobs for children to be the one that sharpens the pencils. You can see two cans in the back of the station for sharp pencils and ones the need to be sharpened. It's a system I developed a few years ago and works well, so I keep it going.

You'll notice that the paper clip and sticky note containers are empty for the moment. This is deliberate. First, we haven't put those tools out yet. Secondly, it allows us to make a big deal when we are ready to put the tools out because the kids have seen the empty containers for a little while already.

Anyway, I think I might take some pictures of different areas over the next week or so and document them here. I find that I am, without a doubt, an organized person living in a disorganized person's body, so it's a near daily struggle for me to keep things in the right place. Creating classroom organization that works is a fun challenge for me, and definitely something I wish I was better at in my personal life.

How about you all? How do you deal with organization? Are there systems that you use that you find particularly helpful or that you're proud of?


Jenn said...

again, with all the laminated thingys! They make me so happy.

I've never heard it put quite like that, but I too am an organized person living in a disorganized person's body. It's gotten worse (or better?)since I stopped acting on my compulsions. (Thanks a lot, therapy.)

kirsten said...

Jenn, you know what? They're not actually laminated. They're covered with clear packing tape.

I seriously ought to buy stock in it. I use it for so many things...

(also, I knew we were separated at birth... ♥)